Sharing Bed with Dogs Is Not Good for Your Health

Many pet owners are still confused whether to allow their pet dogs inside the bedroom or not. Some believe that sharing the bedroom with a wet-nosed pal is cool while for some keeping the bedroom free from pet hair is given the first preference.

According to a recent study, Mayo Clinic proved that dogs ejaculate poison on the bed or on floors while sleeping, which is dangerous to human health and of course to the sleeping quality.

In their study, Mayo Clinic worked for five months with 40 healthy adults who slept closely with dogs either on floor or on bed and a team of pulmonologists, statisticians and psychologists observed them.

Finally, it was concluded that people with dogs didn’t have sound sleep and thus used to wake up multiple times throughout the night. On the other hand, sleeping with a human partner provides sound sleep and is in fact better than sleeping alone.

Researchers divided the team into two parts, one with dogs on bed while the other gang with dogs inside the room. It was found that people with dogs inside the room had 83-percent of sound sleep while others got an average sleep rate of 80 percent.

Researchers also said in the process of human-dog co-sleeping, owners have to wake up multiple number of times, thus wasting their quality sleep. According to medical science, interrupted sleep is equal to four hours of consistent sleep, which is not sufficient for human being.

According to sleep medicine specialist Lois Krahn, owners try to spend time with their pets especially during the night because they stay away from them most of the day. So, they share the night time with them.

Though it is medically proved, 60 percent of all human pathogens can be transmitted by an animal. Still people find it cool in terms of sharing the bed and bedroom with them.

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